Our products

In order to satisfy our customer’s needs in an efficient way, we have designed the following lines of products which can resolve specific requirements which are at the same time different among them.


Jumpy is the bag in ring-pull roll, practical and strong, for professional purposes and it meets the needs of those customers who want to keep together more bags in limited and tidy spaces. It was the first item made by Polipuglia to satisfy the increasing market demands. At the beginning, it was made in black colour only, but today it is available also in other colours: yellow, blue and amber.

Light Flybag

Flybag is the Light bag, ideal for a domestic use. It proves to be practical thanks to its closing with handle. It is thought for the best and comfortable management of the bag for closing and transport. It is designed in the colours blue, scented pink, compost green and grey to meet better the most careful requests of our customers.

Strong Flybag

Flybag is the Robust bag and it is ideal for professional use. It stands out for the quality of the materials used which guarantee its endurance even if it has a limited weight and an affordable price. Therefore, this bag matches quality and resistance with a cheap price. It is designed in the colours white, for garments collection, orange, blue and green to satisfy the most careful requests of our customers.


Butterfly is the bag for Food and it is made of both low and high density polyethylene, without the collection hole. It is used to meet the standards of suitability that bags in contact with food have to respect. It is produced in single bags or in the type of jotter in order to facilitate the user.

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